The Leaf Speed App helps you to get to the next charging station as quick as possible with enough energy to get there. The functionality Nissan should have had built in from the start

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How does it work

The app has a built-in profile for a Nissan Leaf drag resistance. It calculates the maximum possible speed in order to have enough energy to get you to the destination, i.e. the next possible charging point. Whenever possible, this handy app will give you current weather information and take wind and temperature into account when calculating your optimum speed. If no weather forecast is available, you can simply tap in the data yourself. Further, if you go to the map, you can either search for your destination, or find it on the map and LONG PRESS on the address. Then the distance is automatically calculated and used for the calculation when you go back to the main view

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Leaf Speed is all about


I absolutely respect your privacy and no data is uploaded, used or shared by anybody. The app does save settings between usage, but this data is kept on the phone or at Apple

New features in next edition

If the app is successful and ships in a reasonable number, I will add features, such as the possibility to add charging points, share them among users, etc.

Up to Date

The app is made with the latest technology from Apple and uses Apple Maps. It also uses weather data from Dark Sky Net

Made with Love

I made this app for myself, as I was tired of guessing how fast I could go, and still be able to get there with enough energy. Especially on longer trips. Most of my estimates were too conservative and I ended up wasting time on the road

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